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Flower Basket Veilous by Haiz won the Custom Kith Spotlight! Maybe love was the friends we found along the wayside.
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Event Update: Voting Begins!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 16, 2022
So, y'all had yourselves a rest, mullin' over these three mystery melodies - may I ask your final thoughts? Now's the time to make up your minds, my friends. Would one last sneak peek help you decide? I must say, Treble's been baskin' in all that praise that y'all have been givin' him about his photography! And it seems that some of the students have spun up some extra film for him, and he's gotten real taken by their concept of takin' "selfies"… I caught him polishin' up his fangs and practicin' his threatenin' smiles before snappin' some extra snaps of himself. Heh… That's my fine fearsome fellow, ouais!

So now he's roarin' and rarin' to present one final batch of beauties to razzle-dazzle and raise your interest!

Now, in Cirque Faerial, one last Kith is ready to perform…

And in Gallery Trappings, there's a Kith with one last art style to display…

Not to mention, in Rock Bottom, we've got one last Kith scuttling around!

So, what do y'all think of those? And more to the point… What do y'all think of our proposal?

Are we settin' sail early, or stickin' around for a round of competition? Alors, I know y'all wish you could see all three immediately, but we don't make the rules of reality. One Remnant at a time, decided by the resonance of resources - all those items you've collected… That's the best deal we can offer.

It's not some high and mighty restriction that we're imposin', non - it's just the way the unwoven world works. No Remnant ever seems able to tie itself to more than one other at once, not even the ones that've really tried it. One new place always shows up before the others, no matter what. Always made sense to me, personally. How can anybody expect to hear a clear path if y’all're tryin’ to sing three songs at once? Y'all are mighty exceptional, but even the mighty make do with the hand they're dealt, and have to play the game on its own terms. 'Specially since I suspect that this rule of reality's really for the best. Sew too many scraps together in one fell swoop, and I wager that the attention y'all would attract would make even a Scourge seem to be a breeze…

'Course, if y'all don't want to deal with Snarls at all, and put a halt to our whole affair, we can always take our attentions elsewhere-

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