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Petrichor by Rayne won the Kith Spotlight! (Petrichor enters from stage right, pauses center stage, and takes a bow)
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Event Update: New Remnant Toys!

Written by Admin  Posted on November 03, 2022
Alors, y'all have done it - and mighty quick, I must say! Yes indeed, y'all have cleared out the first batch of brimmin' boxes from our cargo hold, and now we're ready to wrangle up the next round! I think we may have time to tell y'all a few more tales and details, too…

And here comes Treble, saunterin' up with his favorite new toy! Treble, how's about you show our eager audience a clawful of those pictures you've been catchin' with your camera?

Here's a showcase of a Cirque Faerial Kith to dazzle the eyes…

And a snapshot of a Gallery Trappings Kith, worthy of hangin' in a museum…

And a final photo, diggin' up dirt on a Rock Bottom Kith!

Merci, Treble, you did great! Non, don't mind all those incredulous expressions - just scamper on along.

…Listen, folks, he's a sensitive Kith under those sharp teeth, so I won't hear a single snippy word 'bout his photo-snappin' skills - or I won't save y'all from his snappin' jaws. We all start our endeavors somewhere, non? And if y'all encourage him, he'll be sure to rustle up some more snapshots!

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