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Haunted Armor Eludance by fancy won the Kith Design Spotlight! When you hear the knell of a Requiem bell, Weird glows gleam where spirits dwell.
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New Items: October User Submissions!

Written by Admin  Posted on October 31, 2022
Ohh, my widdle paws! My poor widdle tired paws! I've been on super-duper anti-vampire patrol for Miss Shimmerjoy's sake! It's her first Halloweave - I hadta make sure it went PERFECT! Oh, but it was so worth it! All the costumes, all the potatoes, all the gummy candy... And now I can rest n' relax with all my treatsies. Ahhhh!

Futon_Stalker has the right idea along with Splooting Scalyx, I'm just gonna lay down on this nice, big, fresh, warm pile of towels from the dryer n' rest my lil' legs. It's the last day of Halloweave; after this, things gotta be quiet for a lil' bit, right?

What's that Anbica? Feline Trimerus also wants to nap in my towel pile? Sure thing! Climb on in, buddy! There's plenty of warm for everyone! Hm? Costume Eludance? You aren't done celebrating Halloweave yet? That's okay! There's still a couple hours left to enjoy the mad dash to trade in your Gummy Bats or gather them up for next year. No that isn't it? You need to whisper a dark secret to me? Okay, just whisper it while I nap.

Strange unearthly music is coming from the Tatters!?

Wait... is that really so weird? Students cross through there all the time goin' every which way n' at least SOME of 'em have music players from the Cosmic Solarium to push back the oppressive awful silence of the Tatters. Rayne, Monochrome Byte-Buddy, this seems like it'd be your area of expertise - what do you think? Hello? Hope to Monochrome Byte-Buddy? Hm, maybe they're powered down for a nap too at the moment... or just... starting at me blankly.

Well if a Cosmic Solarium inhabitant can't sense danger, a Golden Colosseum one definitely can! What do YOU think, Striped Elementhian and diamonddmgirl? Is this somethin' we should worry about? GASP! What if it's more Snarls?!

Rainbow Fairy Licorne, TO ARMS!!! Or HOOVES!! Summon Dread n' the rest of the Kith Defense Force!!!! SOMETHIN'S COMIN' THIS WAY!!!! WE CAN NAP LATER!!!

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