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Going for a walk by Haiz won the Art Spotlight! It's okay to get help sometimes. Seeing the world with a friend makes it all the brighter!
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First Class

Joined: June 29, 2016 Active Kith: Glyxi
Birthday: August 27 Kith Alliances: 1
I am: an agender mom Forum Posts: 42
Call me: they/them Website: Tumblr
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 04/14
    Re: Choices, Choices

    A Cinis, to reach up hiiiigh on shelves for books! And any colour involving purple is good.

  • 04/13
    Re: 'Ellooo.

    Thank you!! Thank you! And agreed, it would be frustrating having to wait so long for recipes to stock. Thank you! And yes, shoujo is life, all the cute protagonists and shenanigans.

  • 04/13
    Re: 'Ellooo.

    They do! I joined the Discord channel and it seems equally friendly there!!

  • 04/11
    Re: Lycus's Limited Items [Host i...

    @Gwaihir This is awfully nice of you!! I wasn't playing during any of the events but would love a Lab Coat if that's okay ^.^

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    Hey there. Call me Pyxell, it's my u/n literally every site I'm on. That includes Tumblr, FR, Goatlings, Lioden, and various other pet sites.

    I'm 23, a mom, agender, MGA/queer, Mexican-American, and pretty awkward tbh. I like to do yoga, read fantasy/sci-fi (or Eric Carle and Dr Suess), play outside with my toddler, decorate my planner, and just be useless on the internet during nap time.

    Feel free to message me, I'm only yandere IRL.


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