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First Class

Joined: June 25, 2016 Active Kith: Ryner
Birthday: September 27 Kith Alliances: 2
I am: a thing Forum Posts: 756
Call me: monster Website: Art Portfolio
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  • 05/27
    Re: The "Incident" at Your School?

    That is horrifying! I have been through many of the tornados, never touched down near enough to us to cause damage. But one actually recently happened while I was in college, in campus dorms. Security came knocking on our doors, my roommate just yelled "Come on!" But we didn't know if we could take the elevator and the stairs lead to outside, not the lobby which is where we needed to go. So like 6 of us got trapped through the whole tornado warning under the stairs. It was unsettling

  • 05/27
    Re: NPC voice headcanons

    I could totally see that voice switch with Robin/Miranda. I think it fits wayy better

  • 05/27
    Re: 3D Blepper

    [@svardstav] Yes it is very good! Super easy to just open and start playing with. The important thing to remember is to regularly take the reducer brush and reduce your polygon count, it can easily get too high and crash

  • 05/22
    Re: The "Incident" at Your School?

    What kind of schools did you guys go to?? Haha. Oh, I guess the thing that everyone knew about (even me, I didn't know about anything cause I didn't have real good friends I talked too) was an entire class (mine, yay) got under "lock-down" because a bunch of dudes started a craze of kicking each other in the balls in the halls. Lock Down means, no talking in the halls and no trips to the lockers. We got let out of class with only 1 minute to get to our next class. It was awful AND happened twice (luckily, the 2nd time they only punished those who needed the punishment). This lock-down worked because 8th graders, who go to school in the high school had the entire 2nd floor (only the art classrooms got used by everyone).

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    from Laurel Nobilis » May 07, 2017 12:59 PM

    We're so glad that you're back, Monster!

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