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bip {PALE BLUE CYBORG ENTRY} bip by Sheap won the Avatar Spotlight! Coming from an utopian future to share the most valuable gift, a bottle of future bleach.
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Lyra Valkyrie

Space Invader

Joined: August 12, 2018 Active Kith: Sapphire
Birthday: April 09 Kith Alliances: 7
I am: a Prism baby! Forum Posts: 601
Call me: Lyrical Lyra! Website: N/A
Cheers: 109 Gallery: View
Wishes Granted: 166 Wishlist: View
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 02/10
    Re: Lyrical Lyra's Homework Journal

    2/10/19 PC Welp, tonight was a lesson learned. My first attempt at being a Game Master was a complete flop. Thankfully it was just for my older brother, and he was was very understanding and took the time to explain to me why it didn't work. Turns out trying to create a world from scratch for a table-top system you're not very familiar with is not a good recipe for a successful first session as a GM. I'm sure other people have made it work, but I'm not one of them unfortunately. Instead of trying to continue with the SPELL system, we decided to switch back to Myth & Mages, as we're both more familiar with it and I have some modules for it I can run instead. Fingers crossed second try's the charm! Time to go figure out the progress on the new Remnant now though! My Kith have been enthusiastically shouting "Nibblebug!!" so I really need to figure out what they're shouting about! Until next time,

  • 02/01
    Re: New Items: January Recolors 2019

    Oof, hard same XD

  • 02/01
    Re: Lyrical Lyra's Homework Journal

    2/1/19 PC By the Wizards THREE I'm so excited right now! Haiz finished up the beans today and one of them was mine! I look so fabulous, if only my old drill instructor could see me now! It'll be a couple days before I add it to my profile page though. That was really all I wanted to share today, as I gotta catch up on all the homework I put off during the past few snow days, whoops! Ugh, I don't wanna leave the dorm building I'm torn between staying in the warm dorm building and getting my Reputation with the shopkeepers back up, ugh. Why can't we just dispel this cold with a few fire spells and call it good? It's days like this that make me miss the EF. I really should've studied magic more when I had the chance by Merlin! Until next time! NOTE TO SELF: Draw updated family pic for profile! Tablet practice?? Hmmm. . .

  • 02/01
    Re: Haiz' Small Shop For Small Be...

    AHHHHH thank you so much Haiz, she's lovely!! ^^ I'll send you the payment right away! ^^

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    (If anyone wants an extra cheer subscription PM me! I'll give it to you for free :) )

    Artwork below:

    Just a 'lil family portrait I managed to put together! ^^ (Citrine adores it, but he keeps pointing out his anatomy flaws and Lapis can't stop laughing at Jasper on top of Citrine's head. . . Art is hard you guys give me a break ; ; )

    Yearbook photos came back in from Gloria, and I think mine turned out great!

    I think she really captured my warrior spirit. Maybe I should buy a camera from Piper and try it out myself. I know my Kith would love photos of themselves as well ^^


    from LilNeps » January 06, 2019 01:02 AM

    No prob! :D I try to hoard a bunch of special lab items when I catch them just for these occasions! ^^

    from Gryphling » December 27, 2018 06:39 PM

    Thanks! I hadn't intended to keep that as a theme, but it named my first blepper "Matcha" and it escalated from there. I think the gemstone names you chose are very fitting for your Kith! :)

    from Gryphling » December 26, 2018 10:07 PM

    Thank you! I started naming all my Kith after teas and Taro seemed so fitting for a purple one. :)

    from Battery » December 16, 2018 07:37 PM

    Thank you! Love that smug witch

    from LilNeps » November 23, 2018 04:11 PM

    No problem, I'm happy to help! :D
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