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The Battle by Dread won the Writing Spotlight! Now those she did recognize,
only one had such beautiful eyes;
she stumbled forward and grasped,
pressed their lips together unasked,
A kiss for her Princess disguised.
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Joined: June 15, 2016 Active Kith: Katra
Birthday: August 08 Kith Alliances: 11
I am: N/A Forum Posts: 316
Call me: She/her Website: N/A
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 10/01
    Fashion is a Gray Area

    All the cool kids are making their own threads! Threads about their threads. My lookbook post was getting rather crowded, so I wanted to accumulate my outfits in a whole thread instead. I signed up for TW for the kith raising, but I've really adored playing around with my avatar's outfits - way more than on any site I've ever been on. I'll be updating this post with new looks, but also posting them in the thread. I've got some categories here where I'll display my favs and then put the rest of the relevant ones under a spoiler. I also highly encourage anyone to steal components of my looks for their own innovations. /o/ (The heroes I look up to most are Voldemortimer and Cherell...) How I've Been Looking Lately... Some All-Time Favs If I die, remember me by these amazing contributions to humankind. Bangin' Looks Every time new bangs come out, I'm like "this is awful I'll never use it," and then my next 4 avatars are banging. Fun with Layers Layering, more like slayering amirite?! Good Energy The most important part of an outfit is the joy and pride you feel when looking at yourself on every page! Big Mood Sometimes you need to accessorize with a little attitude! Flower Crown Feels Skyler is my fav and everything she touches is full of magic and wonder... Other-remnantly Looks You gotta see this fanta-sea! Since the local fashion is out of this world, I'm just winging it. Slime Rancher Themed I was raising Bea to have each page themed around a different slime color, and I wore outfits that corresponded to which slime I was on (unfinished). Early Looks A special shout-out to the first looks I pulled together before there were 100s of pages of apparel. Bonus buddy photo Thanks for looking!

  • 09/29
    Re: Shop Refresh Timing

    I have some delay, too, but not quite this bad. The new stock is generally loaded with about 40-50 seconds left on the timer. I usually have the tab already open when the restock should happen, and I just swap between the regular and devoted shelves until the new stock finally loads in. Usually it shows me the last set of common items with 0 on their timer, sometimes it shows as empty. I have the habit of clicking the shelves because it seems to prompt the loading to be faster, or updates it faster, or something like that. I just tried a restock where I didn't click the shelves at all, and some shops loaded in with 46 seconds left on the rares and other shops just didn't load new items at all. However, the amount of time that I miss on the rares seems to be offset by an ability to still buy them briefly after they disappear? Like, when the rares hit 0 they disappear, but if I click the shelf again they'll usually reappear with 0 on their timers, and for about 3 seconds I can still purchase one. After maybe 10-20 seconds, clicking on the shelves won't show any of the expired items. Would it be really weird to suggest that the Hope shops load faster than the Enchanted Forest and Coral Reef shops (or rather, they load by shop ID number)? I generally have 5-8 tabs open at any given time spread between the remnants, and sometimes I'll get Tailored Fashions to load its rares, swap to the Forest Fittings tab, and it still takes an additional 1-2 seconds to load those in. Weird discovery while messing with this: my rare and uncommon timers in some shops don't sync with each other. The commons do seem to be synced, though (or at least, closer to). Screenshot of timers being out of sync Screenshot of shop not loading if I don't click the shelf button Screenshot of having items still visible after 00:00 after I clicked on the shelf tab (note that the uncommon timers are really out of sync, so that's how out of sync the rares were between the two shops). If it's relevant, I also have the shop timer lag where it counts down to 0 and lets me buy something before my real 60 seconds is over, then gives me the red warning that I can't do that, which I know has been discussed in bugs before as something that might improve when servers upgrade after beta. (Leaving and coming back to pages and refreshing pages didn't seem to affect the timers or restock delays.) I have the same version of Firefox as Science but I'm on Windows 7. I generally have ~75mbps connection. I only have 3 add-ons to Firefox, one of which is NoScript which blocks Javascripts by domain, but I'm pretty sure I have the relevant TW domains whitelisted since I can play.

  • 09/29
    Re: Local Layering Wizard

    Oh my god, that dress layering in the first one is incredible. <3

  • 09/29
    Re: Personality Stat Compilation ...

    Sorry to reply like days later, I got wrapped up in things. :'D [@Himochi] Nothing Afal about that plan. ;D Actually though, are you keeping track of the item stats anywhere? Or can I stalk the wiki edit history to find it? [@Kochab] What kind of batch combinations? :o And same as above, will I be able to stalk wiki edit history to find the values you discover (or would you be willing to dump here; you've been a big help with the stats for cooking ;u;)? I might go through with a thread for others to use them as well because it sounds like something fun for users who won't buy any otherwise, and I'm also selfishly most interested in the cooked foods' values. [@Dreadnoughtus], do you think it'd look alright on the spreadsheet to have known entries look like "Treasured Maps (1)"? Or maybe "Treasured Maps (1 pt)"? Also, I have a few extra Schematics and will definitely use a test on it the next time I give it to a kith!

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    I'm a graduate student in the field of Computer Science studying Human-Computer Interaction! I love to draw and play video games in my free time. You're welcome to message me about anything you need. Including potential bulk sale or alternate currency payment for things I have on the Marketplace; I'm an unrepentant capitalist.

    I love hermithogs, Skyler, and fiddler crabs. So there we go


    from Adraxa » October 22, 2017 09:50 AM

    AAaaaAaa your outfit is soooo great! The hat matches the hair so well! It's awesome!

    from Glaive » October 15, 2017 03:29 AM

    Thank you! Yours looks great too and I love how you layered the robe top, the skirt and the cape!

    from pyrakitt » October 10, 2017 06:33 PM

    Thanks! Your's looks awesome as well. Reminds me of one of Ganon's Moblins if they were part of the Mafia.

    from Kochab » October 09, 2017 07:29 PM

    Grumpy gargoyle with shades!!! Help in dying it's too good

    from Rayne » October 03, 2017 03:41 PM

    Thanks for the compliment! I think my outfit's rather silly, myself, but a lot of fun! Your outfit is amazing, the pastels are so nice! I love the bunny nose, too, so cute!
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