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Devoted to Andre

Joined: June 27, 2017 Active Kith: Ohnis
Birthday: Private Kith Alliances: 2
I am: a male Forum Posts: 933
Call me: Boris Website: N/A
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Latest Forum Activity

  • 09/20

    There were two muffins in an oven. The first muffin turns to the other and asks "Is it just me, or is it getting hot in ere?" and the second muffin goes "Ahhh! Talking muffin!"

  • 09/19
    Re: Word association game


  • 09/14
    Re: The Box Fort

    That works for me. How much would you want? To be honest, you're one of the people who make me want to go to school, just to get homework and assignments. Are they difficult? Not for you specifically, mind you, but in general. I can't recall what you were in school for. I think the first time, they'd pull you to the side and ask why you have the knock-off, and then let you go with a warning. I do agree with you on the punishment not being valid if the consumer has no idea they bought a knock-off pen. Kind of makes me wonder how the counterfeit people know what's a knock off and what's not. I've only ever heard of it happening to someone once, but that's it... so I wonder if there are people who check your luggage for false wares. It was straight from the indoor trashcan, and when my sister and I tried to take it away, my mom's cat growl. It was so cute, especially when my mom was able to take it away without him being a growler. They are, and they do need love, just gotta make sure you're not invading their space too much, cuz... ya know... they might not like that like some cats do. That reminds me... didn't Grumpy Cat die? You know, the one that became a meme? I know Gabe the dog died. I had one cat like that... it was scary, but I still loved her. Do you take pictures of them?

  • 09/12
    Re: Word association game


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    Welcome to my corner of this place. I am Boris, and I'm very fond of cursive.


    from Timothy Heart » August 26, 2020 03:16 PM

    Haha, yes. XD
    I friend got me a couple as a birthday gift.
    I adore my little shark fountain pens.
    (I've been thinking about buying some more.)

    from JaneWritesOn » March 11, 2020 09:41 PM

    Thank you! And yeah, I write on Tuesdays lmao! Sooo cursive fan?

    from Inspire » November 01, 2018 06:49 AM

    I love the creativity of your avatar and the huge adventure sense I'm getting from it!!!!

    from Rayne » October 16, 2018 11:35 PM

    Hi, Boris! I love your kith, they're so sweet! I adopt a lot of kith too. I have three that I'm trying to raise all at once because of it, lol. But when I see a kith in the tatters, I just have to rescue them! It hurts when I can't. It's nice to meet a kindred spirit!

    from Foxe » August 29, 2018 01:50 PM

    Hey! How did you get that awesome looking cloak?
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