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Tattered Weave

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Bobble the Blepper by Voldemortimer won the Craft Spotlight!
This is Bobble my small blepper child!! They like tomatos!
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Kith frog 3 purple sm
Wow, ! You look different! I like it!
Personality accomplished 1541a758affc5424d1fdf861b9f9960d90abe2114bef5a0427674bf0f5234d16 Accomplished Blepper
  • Alliance Anniversary:October 20, 2016

Activity Log

Today I'm... Relaxing
Last Activity Training Health
Favorite Activity Training Health
Total Activities 696

Ability Stats

Power 5171 Energy 2001
Guard 5558 Reason 2471
Speed 5506 Health 4615


  • Thumbnail popup the legend of zordo
    The Legend of Zordo
  • Thumbnail popup space spotties
    Space Spottie
  • Thumbnail popup astronaut joe
    Cosmonaut Joe
  • Thumbnail popup 8 lively octarium
    Lively Octarium
  • Thumbnail popup kite
  • Thumbnail popup party popper
    Party Popper
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    • Thumbnail popup the sun  the moon  the stars
      The Sun, The Moon, The Stars
    • Thumbnail popup thecastlewhereeternitydwells thumb
      Castle of Eternity
    • Thumbnail popup talismanoftheheart thumb
      Talisman of the Heart
    • Thumbnail popup thesunlitgarden thumb
      The Sunlit Garden
    • Thumbnail popup improvised you2b
      Improvised You
    • Thumbnail popup welcome to the end
      Welcome to the End
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    • Thumbnail popup magic mustard
      Magic Mustard
    • Thumbnail popup galactic enchilada
      Galactic Enchilada
    • Thumbnail popup custard radioactive
      Green Comet Cornet
    • Thumbnail popup snail wich
    • Thumbnail popup gingerbread cottage
      Gingerbread Cottage
    • Thumbnail popup mummy bun orange
      Orange Mummy Bun
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