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Tattered Weave

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Hangry Hangry Hoppers by ela maia won the Toy Design Spotlight! Dubiously kid friendly but ever the nostalgic charmer, I introduce you to... Hangry Hangry Hoppers! Bap the bunnies to gobble up as many pellets as you can before they run out.
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Kith 200lumenceb
Life is uncertain. Dare to act despite that.
Personality brave b1431750a7d7e1f4c031675d0fe22cf73e958c2e2b1a61eea3de073f5f98f506 Brave Lumence
  • Kith ID: 150
  • Kith Stage:Heroic
  • Kith Ally: Beacon
  • Alliance Anniversary:June 22, 2016

Activity Log

Today I'm... Relaxing
Last Activity Picking up Shards
Favorite Activity Picking up Shards
Total Activities 67

Ability Stats

Power 486 Energy 443
Guard 492 Reason 520
Speed 495 Health 412


  • Thumbnail popup fireflies
    Jar of Fireflies
  • Thumbnail popup stuffed weasel
    Stuffed Weasel
  • Thumbnail popup astronaut joe
    Cosmonaut Joe
  • Thumbnail popup disc sled
    Plastic Disc Sled
  • Thumbnail popup clover clue
    Clover Clue Game
  • Thumbnail popup wooden swing
    Wooden Swing
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    • Thumbnail popup the chemistry of colors
      Chemistry of Colors
    • Thumbnail popup a funny thing3
      A Funny Thing Happened In The Forum
    • Thumbnail popup build a friend
      Build A Friend
    • Thumbnail popup original herbs and spices
      Original Herbs and Spices
    • Thumbnail popup cyborg vs android
      Cyborg VS Android
    • Thumbnail popup chronicles of the enchanted forest
      Chronicles of the Enchanted Forest
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    • Thumbnail popup cherry juice
      Cherry Juice
    • Thumbnail popup dizzy pudding2
      Dizzy's Good Berry Pudding
    • Thumbnail popup kettlecorn
      Kettle Corn
    • Thumbnail popup coffee4
      Mug of Instant Coffee
    • Thumbnail popup golden raisins
      Golden Raisins
    • Thumbnail popup philo doughnaught
      Philo Doughnaught
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    Beacon's very first kith ally, as well as his very best friend! Bea likes to take Django with him for most of his daily activities around the campus. The two of them have grown incredibly close in the short amount of time they've known each other and have made a vow to never leave each other's side.


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    GUARD 31 REASON 126
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