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New Prophecies?!? (Devoted Quote Spoilers)

by Rayne » July 11, 2020 03:18 PM

Last Edited: July 12, 2020 01:25 AM

Uh....[@Chrysa]? Hey, these new p-prophecies you've got are...pretty jarring. But! I'm much more concerned that you're OK and that these visions can be...acted upon? Maybe?


Whoa, ok, that one about strings sounded a lot like the Narrator...and the Goddess of Wisdom? That's supposed to be Althea...but we can't know for sure what any of these are talking about!

Ugh, this is tying my brain in knots...literally. I-if you and Pythia are as stumped as I am, maybe the students can puzzle over them too? Like whether they're about the past, present, or future, or if we need to be vigilant or if we can do ANYTHING...Whew. Deep breaths, Rayne. I've got to unwind.

((OOC: These prophecies were collected by me and [@TheMageLemon245] on discord, I'm compiling them here in one place so that everyone can see and make their own theories, interpretations or just freak out like I am.

Also, see Mochi's post for plaintext prophecies and two more I missed!))
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Kith 3orange

Quick fullbody sketches for Medicine money

by Alexy » July 11, 2020 02:11 PM

Last Edited: July 12, 2020 12:51 AM

I'm not very into selling art in TW but I need a bit of money now.
My wisdom teeth are torturing me and I need medicine to treat the pain and infection (this is not a good momment for anyone to go to a hospital so I just called a doctor for directions, it's okay, I got a medical recipe for this stuffs); but my current balance is literally 2cents.

So I'll be taking sketch comissions to pay for said medicine.
Just sketches, things I can do without suffering too much as I need to rest ofteen.

How much? 15USD per sketch (this are fullbodies! Is a nice deal, trust me)

What will I Sketch for you?
-Kith (animals in general, so bring your DV pets or real life pets if you want)

-Avatars (as long as they are simple, please don't bring me an avatar with 50 pieces of detailed clothing + weapons).

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Kith wolf yellow4 200

Golden Colosseum daily gone?

by Starflight » July 11, 2020 05:23 AM

I didn't get a daily from the Golden Colosseum today. It just says there's no quests to display. I've been getting them normally up until now.
I just got to Friendly wuth Chrysa a few days ago, and Im still getting her hourly quest.

I'm on the mobile version of Google Chrome and the Duck Duck Go app.
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Kith dragon stage 2 01 red200

MagpieM's Menagerie

by MagpieM » July 10, 2020 01:10 AM

Last Edited: July 10, 2020 02:30 AM

Sometimes I feel like making Kith so I'm leaving 'em here for anyone interested in sponsoring my creations.

I'm a little less confident with Kith than I am with clothing, but I will also take on commissions.

Sponsored Work
I'll design a custom kith either as a concept or a finished piece and showcase them in a post below. If you see something you like, let me know and send me a Custom Kith Badge (one badge per kith) or 1000 gems per kith! Sponsor may choose colors. Finished works will be showcased here.

As I said, less confident about Kith, but if I feel it's reasonably doable for me, I'll give it a shot and do a couple of rough concepts before asking for a Trade. Please make sure you've read over the custom item and kith rules before we begin.

The base price in this trial run is 500 Gems + the Custom Kith Badge (or 1000 Gems to purchase it myself). Prices will go up for complex designs.

Once we've worked out what you're looking for and how much it'll cost, you'll send your payment to me via a Trade and it will sit there until I have finished it and am ready to submit!

Things I Will Need to Know:
1. Is this intended to be a public or private kith?
2. What are we making? Please give me as much information as you can give me about what you're looking for! Do you have image inspirations? A written description? Or a sketch of your own? Do you want it a certain color? The more information you can give me, the better the end result will be!
3. Deadlines. If you're hoping to have this Kith by a certain time, let me know. I can't control the whole submissions process on the Staff end, but if you've got a birthday coming up next month or something, I can do my best to rush things along a bit on my end
4. By default, I will assume it is okay for me to post my designs elsewhere on social media or in my portfolio, but if you want to keep it private for any reason, that's okay, just me know.

If that sounds good, please comment below. General questions are welcome, too. You may also message me or email me if you wanna discuss it privately.

Contact Info: You can post here. You can message me here. You can email me at mcm [dot] illustration [at] gmail [dot] com. (replace the words in the brackets with the appropriate symbol and forgive my weird old school paranoia about placing my email on forums!)

Custom Kith Showcase

Ourocinis is already available, but the Steampunk Eludance and Ouroblug are ready for sponsors!
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Kith spiderbot stage2 blue

New Items: Distracting Toys!

by Shay » July 09, 2020 03:49 PM

Last Edited: July 10, 2020 01:14 AM

Settle down, everyone, please - Gefyra, don't pester Katalyma! Ydroplano, shh, that's not a sea monster, it's just Bonnie's singing.

I know that the endless cacophony of pirate shanties this time of year can be overwhelming. Frankly, they're grating on my nerves, too - and it isn't helping that Tethys won't stop belting loudly into every seashell she finds, trying to drown them all out. Some of us have Kith who need a quiet place to nap! Hmph. At least this month, we have the Hope students contributing some actual musical ability - but don't get me started on the crew's off-key renditions of those carefully-crafted lyrics.

Anyway, I've spent many hours meticulously engineering a new set of toys, which should hopefully help calm you all down - even though your nerves are understandably rattled by the fact that Bonnie is now starting on Verse Seventy-Seven - and I think that together, we should be able to have an actual pleasant afternoon.

First up, we have this Barrel of Seamonkeys, which is my own take on a toy from the Enchanted Forest. I remember how stressful that visit was for everybody, so I thought we might want to make better preparations. If it's still upsetting, you can cuddle this My Little Seahorse instead. I ran multiple tests to ensure that it would be comfortable to hug, even for those Kith who have very small fins.

I have also crafted some Netting Dolls.There's one of them for all of you, if you just keep opening them up. Now nobody needs to fight over toys anymore-

No! Stop trying to claim the individual toys with flags! The DIY Flag Kit isn't supposed to be used that way, but… Fine. At least it's a distraction from Verse Seventy-Eight.

Finally, here are some Deluxe Sand Buckets, which can be used to create expert sandcastles. You can also ride in them, or simply have fun stacking them. I spent all of my engineering skills to ensure that, with this assortment of toys, there would be something entertaining for everybody, so-

WHAT. What are you all fighting over? The toys are over here! That's… That's just a wooden Plank that was left over from the toy construction! Why is that the thing that you've all fixated on?

Hmph. Whatever works.
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Npc forum shay
Kith purple

"Broken" topic

by Sheap » July 09, 2020 03:54 AM

Last Edited: July 09, 2020 04:54 AM

Yes, I broke my own topic by posting a quote + a spoiler inside the own quote. At least I think that was the thing that triggered it.

I didn't want to edit it in case it can be useful to detect and solve the issue, here is the link to the thing.

If you need screenshots just @me and I'll upload them.
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Kith frog 1 blue sm

Everstorming Skies

by Moth King of Moths » July 08, 2020 04:28 PM

Last Edited: July 11, 2020 03:56 AM

This song is Ode to the Host's Ex-Girlfrien- I mean... Everstorming Skies. Sorry, got this shanty confused with my other music...

Traditionally shanties are work songs that create a rhythm to follow along to while working on a ship, typically to do a task like heaving a rope. The shantyman, who would stand at the front of the rope, would call out the initial lyrics and the rest of the crew reply, together creating a song that allowed the crew to work as one unit. In this song the reply is 'weigh hey, me laddies, heave hoe' and the calls are stories of crew members lost to the everstorm.

Were we to be on a vessel right now, the song would be as long as the task we need to complete, which typically meant making up improvisational verses when you ran out of ones you already know. This was the job of the shantyman, so you had to be talented to hold the role.

Unfortunately, I'm not a talented shantyman. But I digress.

Excuse my poor harmonica playing. And poor singing. And poor audio quality...


Smithy was a lad born strong and true
Weigh hey, me laddies, heave hoe!
Lost ‘im in a squall when the old winds blew
Weigh hey, me laddies, heave hoe!
Sunk like a rock in half a stitch
Woulda been better off on land in a ditch
Now he belongs to that damn sea witch
Weigh hey, me laddies, heave hoe!

Heave my lads for we’re bound for the sea
Weigh hey, me laddies, heave hoe!
Curse out the winds for they’re comin for me
Weigh hey, me laddies, heave hoe!
The witch is on our aft and our tongues are dry
Never thought I’d see such a young lad die
So curse the waves and curse the tides and curse the ever storming skies!

Never knew a lass more fierce than Dolly
Weigh hey, me laddies, heave hoe!
Didn’t ever grin and her gaze was salty
Weigh hey, me laddies, heave hoe!
But with a wave and a flash of light
Even she fell to the witch’s plight
We searched the seas for her all night
Weigh hey, me laddies, heave hoe!

Heave my lads for we’re bound for the sea
Weigh hey, me laddies, heave hoe!
Curse out the winds for they’re comin for me
Weigh hey, me laddies, heave hoe!
The witch is on our aft and our tongues are dry
Never thought I’d see such a young lass die
So curse the waves and curse the tides and curse the ever storming skies!
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Avatar image 18720200708 4019 tq7azh
Kith succulentmortis

IRL Kith Sticker RedBubble Merch

by MagpieM » July 08, 2020 01:37 AM

Last Edited: July 08, 2020 10:28 AM

I was lying awake at 3am the other night as I do and was thinking how cute it would be to have irl sticker sheets of kith like the sticker toy items! Other stickers would be real cute too. NPCs! Food! We have some real cute things that would make for cute stickers! (I, personally, want a spiteful gummy worm sticker, lmao)

I know from experience that setting up sticker sheets on RedBubble can be a little bit fiddly, but it's not impossible and the stickers are really cute and pretty durable!
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Kith spiderbot stage2 blue

Hey there!

by Echoes in the Night » July 07, 2020 11:21 PM

Last Edited: July 11, 2020 01:13 PM

This community has been so friendly so far! It's my first day on here, and I've already been gifted several items. It's getting late where I live, but I'll definitely be back tomorrow!
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Kith orange

Alter Golden Colosseum Kitchen descriptions

by Slapthefatcat » July 07, 2020 10:33 PM

Last Edited: July 08, 2020 12:24 AM

Could we get the descriptions for the Golden Colosseum Kitchen equipment to include the "This item is to be used in the Golden Colosseum Kitchen, not the Hope Kitchen" line like the other realm kitchens? It helps a lot with trying to sort between more ambiguous ingredients and the kitchen equipment.
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