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Of Event Past by Dread won the Gallery Spotlight!
A view of a time from not-so-distant past
Of mixed emotions and storm that did not last
All Topics » Announcements » New Items: Storm the Dungeons!

New Items: Storm the Dungeons!

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New Items: Storm the Dungeons! 14

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Re: New Items: Storm the Dungeons!

by ariannx » November 22, 2019 09:17 PM

Yay, families! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood . . . .

*Dance, dance, dance . . . .*
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Re: New Items: Storm the Dungeons!

by noxlamenta » November 22, 2019 11:43 PM

Narrates you really don't know how to handle improv do you?
Comedy, imporv, fumbled lines... Your dramatics and tragedies really are the only thing you're able to work with...
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Re: New Items: Storm the Dungeons!

by LynnStarDragon » November 23, 2019 12:13 AM

Kai:.... [@Shady]

You can't give up yet! It's not over, it's not! It's...

It's not about who you were!

Take my ally, Lynn. He's a werewolf AND a vampire, all at once! Right now he's all big and scary and calling himself a monster. He was hiding that, all this time, trying to keep everyone from seeing what he's really like, but now? With all the magic going heywire? He can't hide it.

But just because he's scary on the outside doesn't mean he has to be scary on the inside. He used to be that way, but he changed--he changed himself and he changed with help but he changed! And so can you.

Just because you look like a bad guy doesn't mean you have to be the bad guy...

When Lynn first came to town, you were nice to him, and shared a big Secret with us. And, maybe you do that with everyone who comes to Hope. But do you know what Lynn said?

The little castwick gently hugs onto one of Shady's legs.

He said, 'That guy... is the one to be friends with.'

And why would he ever be friends with a bad person? I could see it too, I could see it every day we came by and I stayed to help you and [@Club] out in the shop. I saw how the two of you worked together and helped each other. Even when you and Club fought during the monochrome party, you both still cared about each other so much...

And it's not just Club who cares about you! [@Ruevian] has been with you this whole time, as close as can be. But that's just the start of it! Do you know how many people in Hope, how many people in all the remnants worry and care about you?! I care about you! You're our friend!

And that's not all, you've given everyone so much! We love prism and we love monochrome just as much! You gave us that, Shady, you gave us the whole Spectrum! There are so many things that we wouldn't have in Hope without you! You're a bigger part of everything, a bigger role then you've even been with that meanie-pants! For all your fighting, I think--no, I know Diana and Leslie like you too!

You may have been a monster, you may even Still be a monster, but you don't have to be the mean-machine that, that buttface made you be! You are Shady, and you are loved! You have so many people and kith who worry about you and want the best for you and are willing to help you and I'll stay with you too and help you get Club back! Iris was sending the Headmaster strength and support through their bond, I'm sure you can send your support to Club and help her break free!

And... and... and Lynn says... *SNIFFLE* Lynn says that someone wise and sad once said...

"If you can't run, you walk, and if you can't walk, you crawl, and if you can't do that... you find someone to carry you."

And you know what? We're here, Shady, we're all here to help carry you! I know Ruevian is ready to be your strength, I am too and.. and... and so is Lynn and so are so many others here! If you fall, we'll be right there to catch you, and help you get back up again--no matter how many times you fall! Fall down five times, get up six!

I know that it's scary to face someone who hurt you so bad in the past, I know it can be hard but... but I'll be a guiding light. If everything is shadows, I'll help lead you out, we all will and... and... and if the light is too bright.. well.... well...

Lynn: We'll be.... the darkness.

Stepping out of the shadows, it is clear the the bestial figure is in bad shape. There are plenty of wet patches dotting his fur a deeper black, and something dark drips from the corner of his mouth, black as tar... black like ink

We'll be the soothing shades in the blinding light.... We'll be... the good side of darkness, no? *huff* For not... all light is good, but neither... is all darkness evil.

What do you say 'old man'? Shall we show that hackneyed fool your new revisions... your new interpretation of what it means to be a 'slasher'? *Wheeze* I'm sure... that would catch his attention... how you've grown.... past his planned character arc.

Monsters... and proud.

Let them see... our true faces...

If they don't still love us... they were never our real friends to begin with. But I don't think you're going to lose... even one of those supportive smiles.

Now come on, I've... been saving this Raw Steak for you. When you're ready... we have a very important bun to save.

((OoC: Seriously, do not make my kith cry and WHERE THE HELL DO I SEND THIS STEAK!? I Will Throw This AT Club If I Have To!))
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Re: New Items: Storm the Dungeons!

by Diana » November 23, 2019 01:49 AM

Posted by: "Gloria"

Not all might be lost...

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Re: New Items: Storm the Dungeons!

by EternalRavenDreamer » November 23, 2019 05:33 AM

Phase 1 complete! Now for Phase 2: Saving the Princess from the Dragon, aka I finally get to instate MANDATORY THERAPY HOUR!
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Re: New Items: Storm the Dungeons!

by Eevie » November 23, 2019 07:14 PM

Last Edited: November 23, 2019 07:27 PM

Oh Narrator how could you not realize that Her Highness will NEVER permit another to dictate her actions? She is a brilliant and strong leader, even with your influence blurring the truth she is still our beloved and deeply respected Princess [@Celariel]! "Your" Dragon is nothing of the sort!

You think you could just take the forest and use it to your whims as you did The Stage? You think you could use Her Highness as a puppet and make her dance on your strings?

You're wrong. The most foolish thing you could have done is given her the role and POWER of The Dragon. She will not permit anyone to take what is hers!

I hope our antics haven't caused any permanent damage to your palace Your Highness. We had to find some way to be of use. I think acting as court jesters suits us well!

[@Shady] We WILL get Club and all of the other kith back. She matters to us dearly as well and none of us will rest until you two are reunited! I will figure out a way to ṱ̶̗͕̪̗̦̇̔̔̀̈́̃̎̃͛̓̋͠e̴̫̤̞͈͓̻̺̳̫͍͋̏͊͋̃͜͝ȃ̸͙͍̟̻͍̝͎͖͙̜͓͈͔͚̑͐̈̌̄͐̓̚͝r̸̻̣̙͇̥̅͗̅ The Narrator apart if it means we get our beloved bun back!
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Re: New Items: Storm the Dungeons!

by Kenome » November 24, 2019 03:00 AM

Oh joy!
Oh frabjous day callooh callay!

We're finally getting there.
Nothing can break free of the happiness of being united with loved ones!

And [@Ruevian] I'll help you find Club.
You just tell me where to go.
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Re: New Items: Storm the Dungeons!

by GhostKitten » November 24, 2019 03:38 AM

Posted by: "Moth King of Moths"

no...after all that...not again...he can't...I can't...no no nonononono NO


He's going to win.

All in favor of leaving [@Moth King of Moths] in the dungeons?
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Re: New Items: Storm the Dungeons!

by Glitchie » November 25, 2019 04:40 AM

Last Edited: November 25, 2019 05:08 AM

O-oh, god... How long did I lapse out this time? T̵W̵O̵ ̷M̸O̶N̸T̷H̶S̷?̸!̷ And then T̸H̷I̴S̸.̸.̴.̷
Why? Why wasn't I around to D̶̡̆Ò̷̩̪̒ something?! I am so glad everyone is okay, especially Dad [@Nicholas] and [@Robin], b-but... *sniff*
... God, I'm useless...
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Re: New Items: Storm the Dungeons!

by Glys » November 25, 2019 05:52 AM

Hey, no. No no no. You're fine. It's not your fault- it's not over yet-
C'mon, I'll show you where the hideout is, we can catch you up... this probably isn't the best place to freak out...
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