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Galaxy Ghost Castwick by Gwendolyn won the Kith Design Spotlight! This is an idea I've thought about ever since I saw Castwick! I always thought they looked a bit like goat/elk/deer spirits...
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Whats your Kith's Name?

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Whats your Kith's Name? 6

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    Re: Whats your Kith's Name?

    by SilverFalcon » August 07, 2019 09:10 PM

    My frog fellow is Neon, because he will look awesome in neon blue and yellow when he evolves. I do want a seal/otter eventually but couldn't decide on a name. The black ones look so cool :D
    Avatar image 775920191125 1554 mslr33
    Kith stage2 black2 200px

    Re: Whats your Kith's Name?

    by Rayne » August 07, 2019 09:28 PM

    Last Edited: August 07, 2019 09:29 PM

    My latest kith's name (that wasn't an adopted solitary kith) is Petrichor! Petrichor is the name for the smell in the air after a rain. She was named this because I intended for her to "belong" to my thespiansona the Rain. She looks like a little raincloud in stage one!

    EDIT: ACTUALLY, I just remembered my latest kith is actually Saoirse, a flipperfin! She was named after the little selkie girl from Song of the Sea! I haven't seen the film yet, but I'm a fan of Cartoon Saloon so I'm really wanting to! (It's pronouned Seer-sha!)
    Avatar image 387220200526 29914 ku8q7s
    Kith seabun stage3 pink 200px

    Re: Whats your Kith's Name?

    by MixterGlacia » August 08, 2019 01:29 PM

    My first kith is Crush the Angelly. I name things after food, and Crush is the orange drink of the same name.
    Avatar image 756720200319 27308 1y591f7
    Kith kith ramen angelly final

    Re: Whats your Kith's Name?

    by dicedicedice » August 08, 2019 01:44 PM

    Pyribromos literally means wreathed in flames. It felt appropriate
    Avatar image 586720200526 10267 1ylw4qq
    Kith blue

    Re: Whats your Kith's Name?

    by kessaria » August 10, 2019 10:53 PM

    My current active Kith is named Void, because his first-stage face made me think of a black hole.
    Avatar image 466120200214 12341 yww8v8
    Kith blue1

    Re: Whats your Kith's Name?

    by KymPerson » August 12, 2019 07:21 PM

    My first Kith is named Nibbles, because I found it on a list of ferret names. And my newest is named 2Chainz, not because I like the artist, but because it's funny.
    Avatar image 210020190906 10540 dys3nb
    Kith stage two green

    Re: Whats your Kith's Name?

    by Kenome » August 13, 2019 01:17 AM

    My current active kith is named Kami.

    Kami is a special name to me for several reasons:
    When I was figuring out who I was inside, online I changed my name to Kami [I'm known as Kenome literally everywhere]
    Kami is the name of my very first beta fish, I had him for about 3 years until he died. I miss him dearly.
    Kami means god in Japanese,

    And ever since all this I have a bad habit of naming everything Kami.
    Avatar image 249920200514 6383 gbwlbb
    Kith lantern red 3

    Re: Whats your Kith's Name?

    by Nerevarine » August 17, 2019 02:46 PM

    This is my first kith. His name is Haythor after a song from my fave band Lord of the Lost. :)
    Avatar image 779620191002 20629 1mik9lu
    Kith wolf orange2 200

    Re: Whats your Kith's Name?

    by Kirion » August 19, 2019 03:59 AM

    Pyrois, I just wanted to give him a fiery name, though hes not a fire horse as his name may indicate I still liked it for this little dragon noodle.
    Avatar image 783820191101 28491 1sob0lq
    Kith dragon stage 4 01 red200

    Re: Whats your Kith's Name?

    by Brenning » August 19, 2019 03:21 PM

    My first Kith is a Bumblebunnee simply named Buddy.

    Why Buddy? Because that is my nickname, but I'm also called "Bunny" because a little girl from the neighborhood couldn't quite form the word Buddy. A friend overheard, thought it was adorable and it spread fast. So it just seemed fitting to pick the bunny-like creature and name it Buddy.
    Avatar image 783020191017 3999 1tzvxwq
    Kith grey
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