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All Topics » Site Discussion » Playlist: The Cosmic Solarium!

Playlist: The Cosmic Solarium!

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Playlist: The Cosmic Solarium! 5

Playlist: The Cosmic Solarium!

by Leslie » May 04, 2019 05:42 PM

Last Edited: October 19, 2019 11:14 PM

Now that the Cosmic Solarium event is done and all of the characters have their quests released, I can finally post my....


Listen to the playlist on Spotify HERE!

Huge thanks to the amazing [@Shazzbaa] for letting me use her art for the playlist cover! (You should check out her profile and Tumblr if you haven't already.)

Tracklist and Notes below.


IT'S A LONG WAY FORWARD, SO TRUST IN ME: Discovering the Cosmic Solarium

i. in which Lycus is determined to make a difference with his experiments, and his family watches with concern

I Am A Scientist - The Silver Negative

Dreamers - Savoir Adore

ii. in which Lycus receives a distress call and organizes a journey

Sad Machine - Porter Robinson

Lanterns - Birds Of Tokyo

iii. in which Lycus enters the Core, meets RiGBy in person, and sets up his livestream as he travels throughout the Solarium

The Core [Say Goodbye Mix] - Celeste Soundtrack

Shock To Your System - Tegan and Sara

Shelter - Porter Robinson and Madeon

iv. in which the PA System discovers him and has some strong opinions

Howl - Biffy Clyro

The Stranger - Lord Huron

v. in which Lycus meets a helpful Nibblug, and offers some advice

Doctor Worm - They Might Be Giants

Put It To The Test - They Might Be Giants

vi. in which Lycus travels to the Crust, and meets Xenia

72 Degrees And Sunny - WALL-E Soundtrack

When Will My Life Begin - Tangled Soundtrack

The Spark Of Creation/Our Time - Natalie Weiss and Sally Wilfert

vii. in which Lycus meets Marisol and Beebot on the Terraces

Let The Rain - Sara Bareilles

Heart On My Sleeve - Mary Lambert

viii. in which Lycus gains an audience with the Commander

Under Pressure - Marc Martel and Kevin Max

I Am Not A Robot [Clock Opera Mix] - MARINA and Clock Opera

ix. in which Elliot confronts Lycus about his experiments

Icarus - Bastille

x. in which Lycus makes a decision

Down To The Second - Zach Berkman

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