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Licorne Battle Quotes by Rayne won the Writing Spotlight! In honor of my very first kith, a Licorne, I will attempt to give our graceful friends their voices in battle.?
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Describe your TW Persona!

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Describe your TW Persona! 12

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Describe your TW Persona!

by EonArisen » February 06, 2020 08:38 AM

Last Edited: February 20, 2020 07:50 AM

Self explanatory. I’ll start~
TW!Eon is a gremlin, first and foremost. Not a literal gremlin (though feeding her after midnight still isn’t recommended) but a metaphorical one, if that makes any sense. She’s got the whole >:3c thing going on.

She’s definitely got some form of eldritch stuff to deal with, but she’s keeping that under wraps because she doesn’t quite know who to talk to about that besides her on-again, off-again roommate. Eon’s definitely got some issues, though I can’t really put a finger on what’s going on with her since I don’t really know myself.

As for fighting style? She.. doesn’t fight a lot, probably because fighting’s not a common activity in Hope, but when she does she uses either an elven rapier or a longsword. (She may not go to the EF very often but she loves their weaponry and magic!)
Speaking of magic, Eon’s.. well, she’s capable of learning it, definitely, but she’s not really that interested in doing the complex stuff. She just wants to make things easier for herself.
Note: her eldritch affiliations aren’t tied to magic or anything like that. Those are in a class of their own.

What started as a discord dorm concept spiraled into a whole new thing, so Eon’s now working on making a radio show and stuff I guess. She’s never been that interested in old technology, but that’s not stopping her!

What DOES stop her, though, is.. a lot of things, actually. She’s very prone to giving up and winding up on the receiving end of a pep-talk from a kind friend or two. She can be incredibly headstrong and brash and often gets herself hurt for her troubles, but she means well and she’s definitely trying to work on her impulse control. A prime example of a consequence would be when she got on ole Narrator’s nerves too much and wound up muted, reduced to scribbling on a dry erase board to communicate.

I also have TWO Thespiansonas because I am just so extra like that I guess. The Dreamer and The Seer are two halves of the same whole, and while they’d usually be in the same spot and on the same side, the Dreamer has strayed to a more neutral position while the Seer has stayed where she’s always been—that is, under the Narrator’s thumb.
The Dreamer is very flighty and indecisive, always with her head in the clouds and constantly questioning herself and who she truly is. She prefers light and airy clothes. She’s decided to dedicate herself to helping people sleep and dream, though she has no aversion to giving out nightmares if someone crosses her.
The Seer, meanwhile, is cold and logical. Never questioning, always serving; she enjoys the security her spot by the Narrator’s side offers her. While she doesn’t necessarily enjoy being on the side of the villain, she desires stability above all else and as such throws her lot in with the person she thinks is most capable of creating it. Her face can be.. pretty inconsistent. Sometimes she’s got four eyes and other times she’s got two; hell, half the time she doesn’t even have a mouth. Her abilities are a bit nebulous (and by that I mean I haven’t figured them out yet).
Both Thespiansonas have magical abilities since their respective Roles require them to.
(There’s also a third Thespiansona concept I’m toying with in my head but that’s more up in the air.)
Sorry for the wall of text, y’all, I’m just looking for an excuse to ramble about my persona on here and I figured you guys could use the same lmao
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Re: Describe your TW Persona!

by Glitchie » February 06, 2020 08:57 AM

Last Edited: February 06, 2020 08:59 AM

Lazu is a person from long before the apocalypse- long before the golden age, even- flung forward in time by unknown means for unknown reasons. Though still struggling with a misanthropic, cynical worldview that causes them to lash out easily in ways they regret, and sorely missing a lot of the little things from their origin time, they really do have good intentions and a big heart. They have a tough time trusting others, but they also have a tough time being alone, and that, combined with how cripplingly aware they are of their own flaws, makes them pretty much perpetually trapped in a state of confusion.
Due to their... unusual origin, they're somewhat disconnected from reality, resulting in glitch effects that cover them all the time. They're not just aesthetic, either- the glitched parts of them actually don't completely exist, and it's caused them more than their fair share of trouble when whole parts of them come off and they can't use a prosthetic because they have no clue what'll happen if they have it on when their limbs come back.
They don't know how to fight, being from mundane times, but they've found a knack for healing magic that they're trying to refine. Their lifelong knack for any and all artistic pursuits fits in quite well with their, er, situation, but the call of destruction can also be quite.... tempting. Whoops.
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Re: Describe your TW Persona!

by Dread » February 06, 2020 10:21 AM

Last Edited: April 10, 2020 04:40 PM

I support gremlin's choice of swords. Also oh man poor lazu ;-;

I'm mostly going to link her Toyhouse page since most of her stuff I have put in there, but some TL:DR-

-Showed up in Hope one day, not sure where she came from but doesn't stress about it, just going to move forward

-Some sort of changling/shapeshifter? Will tell you very matter a factly she is an elf though, had that whole ritual in the ef for it and everything, sometimes elves just have dragon legs or extra horns, it's fine!Edits this cause I realized Dread is absolutely a kith who doesn't she realizes she is a kith from probably a destroyed remnant- uhh basically sort of a salamander/chameleon dragon kith, with a gemstone that is sort of part of her (which she has now given to Cela in the form of engagement ring).

-Wasn't entirely sure where her lot was going in life until the EF appeared- and her love for Celariel was pretty immediate

-She may act pretty confident and forward in her advances but she's extremely anxious that she will mess something up, unintentionally hurt those around her in her enthusiasm to help- the Dragon's Reign wasn't...great for these feelings

-She's not great at magic herself, as much as she has tried to learn (rip her ever-growing dorm room, sorry shazz), but has become pretty proficient in most weaponry, including some that are magically imbued, though she favors swords overall.

Edit: I forgot my other daughter!!

The Knight acts as often a secondary role to the Hero, though she is much more conscious about her actions. Her family has always been part of a company of knights, and as a kid she grew up as one of many Squires. She's terrified of the Narrator, though she disagrees of what he has done, so she simply tries to help in what little ways she can. Maybe one day she will have the courage to stand up against him outright, but for now, she will simply do her small part in the shadow of the real Hero.

Also bonus true name nonesense-
it's Joan, of course it's Joan, how could it be anything other than Joan, can't believe it took me this long to realize

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Re: Describe your TW Persona!

by Rayne » February 06, 2020 10:42 AM

Last Edited: February 06, 2020 10:49 AM

I have three? So far? Kind of? lol.

So first, there's...me. Rayne. It's just me, plopped into the TTW setting. I've joked about being kept on staff as the nutty philosophy professor but there's really not much nailed down about this me except that I will usually take the strangest course of action when problems arise. I have a low WIS score, I can't help it! I'm also a huge sucker for adopting abandoned kith and have amassed a small army of them, and they are all my kids. This me is aware of the other "me's" and will often tease them about that fact to their confusion. Her form is a bit fluid, but she usually settles into some form of human, elf or thespian with hazel eyes and cobalt hair.

The one that's most concrete is the Rain. She has a backstory, a personality, flaws and desires and her own family and friends...she's a lot of fun to be, tbh, but I still keep her separate from "me" just because I'm too darn fond of breaking that fourth wall. I mean, she has her own kith and a toyhouse page, for corn's sake, it's safe to say I've kind of run with this character. Actually, since creating her the Thespian NPCs have started calling me Rain! I love it. I love them. Would die for them. She has gray skin, white hair, and white eyes. Chances are good that if I'm wearing those, I'm the Rain!

The least developed is the Crane, who is me when I want to be a soft aesthetic boy...and that's pretty much it. He has a basic personality thus far (which is 65% anxiety, 30% cinnamon bun, and 5% turning into a psychopomp-like figure when I'm not controlling him) but he does have a kith! And a true name that ISN'T Rayne. Also, he's a doctor! Fun! He has dark pink skin, yellow eyes, and purple hair. He also has cute lil' freckles.

(He likes Tally Hall for some reason. Every time I listen to it, he pops into mind.)
His name is Seth, btw. I've never revealed it anywhere but he's had one for a loooong time. lol. Say hi!

He and Rain are cousins.
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Re: Describe your TW Persona!

by Ruevian » February 06, 2020 10:51 AM

oh man I'm so excited that you're running with the radio show idea, it's perfect~

Rue is a thespian known as The Matchmaker who left the Shadow Stage after Narrator's defeat. An accomplished Illusionist, she disguised herself as human and convinced Nic to let her work as a campus nurse, being too old (sob) to be a student.

She's decently proficient in healing and shadow magic as well, due to the tutelage of her kith, Thanatos and Eris, but she has zero athleticism and strength.

She came from a wealthy but highly abusive family and still bears the scars, both physically and mentally. She covers for this by being flirty and silly, the teasing big sister type who would rather meddle in your affairs than talk about her own issues.

And she's DEFINITELY kind of sort of dating Shady maybe.

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Re: Describe your TW Persona!

by Spacegal » February 06, 2020 10:59 AM

Ooh yes this sounds fun! Lemme just activate my never-used writing powers lmao

TW!Alix is a plucky inventor and probably the worst pun-maker in all the remnants. She loves helping people, but sometimes becomes a little too hyperfocused in getting things for people. No seriously - she'll stake out outside any store waiting to buy whatever item she needs, even if it takes her a longer than a day! Her dislike of water is also pretty ironic, considering she's been spending most of her time in the Coral Reef lately. She also doesn't like confessing her true feelings to anyone, and will usually find a bad excuse to stop the conversation if it comes to that.

She has no memory of her past, after crash-landing in Hope amidst a pile of what used to be a self-made invention. Every time she tries to remember what came before the crash, she usually gets an annoying headache, so she doesn't really like talking about her past...

Alix is able to hold her own in a fight without weapons, but would much rather prefer fighting with her longsword, or for a more close-range battle, her dagger. She's also never actually tried fighting with magic before...
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Re: Describe your TW Persona!

by Himochi » February 06, 2020 11:02 AM

Ooh yay, I love rambling about my TWsona(s)!

I have two, due to recent shenaniganry. They're both based on parts of me though, so I see them both as personas!!

(But they're also both separate characters. I may or may not ship them. Something something metaphor for self love? Or I just like ships. Shh.)

Won't link their Toyhouse pages since they're out of date right now and need updating, but I will get to that, eventually,,,
(But clicking on the arts here will take u to TH for art credits, and you can check out their other art there if you want!)

Mochi ("The Regular Guy"):

- A soft muffin boi who theoretically is a student learning things but honestly just ends up running around all the remnants helping people
-- Plus he got roped into the whole "help stock shops and organise things behind the scenes" so he's often busy, and usually not with school stuff

- Has a "goodness aura" that radiates good energy and suppresses evilness. Local Landlord Shazz wants this around in the dorms for No Particular Reason. It helps protect Mochi against harm from evil creatures and beings

- Has a little bit of a very large crush on Othidar (and also Ogenus to a smaller extent), but is very poly and very bi and has no separate Love Bar and Friendship Bar so chances are if he's close to the person he has a crush on them. But very much so for Othidar.
-- Is also dating An Boo Rider who tends to crash in his dorm room

- Big fan of fashion and clothes, or at least collecting and wearing lots of different outfits. Likes to customise clothes to make them into the perfect matching outfit. Also has started making his own clothes from scratch, though he's slower at that

- BIG fan of collection - keeps on of every item he's found in all the discovered remnants. Might look slightly like a compulsion at times, but... well, he's enjoying himself, so no reason to question it, probably. Probably has absolutely no relevance whatsoever at all.

- Big fan of tea and baked goods, and has some texture issues that make eating other things.... difficult. He bears with but sometimes between food issues and being so busy he can be kinda sleepy a lot

Demonchi (Demon Mochi):

- This guy showed up during the Monochrome Masquerade - the regular guy was dabbling in a bit of fun warfare that he got sucked way into, and the resulting drop in his Goodness Aura let this demon come and possess him (with promises of the required power to win the war)

- Unfortunately he's not got the most demonic common sense and as soon as that goodness aura returned at the end of the war, he got trapped and can't leave. The regular guy is surprisingly okay with this.

- He takes turns with Mochi in Piloting The Vessel while they look into a way to get another less-occupied vessel. Demonchi isn't so good at this "looking after a mortal vessel" thing but he's learning!
-- Swapping who's in charge takes a lot of energy (in part because of Demonchi manifesting demonic parts like wings/tail/horns/teefs) so they try to stick to one swap per day and decide who'll be in charge for the day

- Likes to be sinister and villainously suave, but he's actually kinda a dork and is easily flustered if you try to get to him. Slowly warming up to this "friendship" thing

- Also likes looking fancy, but is less varied than the regular guy. Tends to prefer more masc. aesthetics, and looking very dapper, but has been testing out other styles lately. He also highly prefers monochrome outfits, though whether that's a preference or just familiar from when he showed up, who knows.

- Tends to smoke, for stress and also just in general. It reminds him of home. He will not talk to you about his home.

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Re: Describe your TW Persona!

by Shazzbaa » February 06, 2020 11:53 AM

Last Edited: February 06, 2020 11:54 AM

(GOSH I love everyone's TWsonas so much.....)

TTW!Shazz is the eternally exasperated landlord of alternative housing for Hope University -- affectionately nicknamed "the Discord Dorms" after its propensity for chaos (and its origins on the TTW Discord). She also has a toyhouse page over here which may or may not have an extra snippet hidden on it.

Mostly she just wants her tenants to stop destroying pieces of the dorm with their shenanigans and/or summoning the apocalypse in the common room. Please. This isn't a hard rule to follow. What IS hard is trying to rENT ROOMS WHERE STRANGE CURSED ENTITIES HAVE BEEN SUMMONED???

She also runs a Definitely Legal backalley surgery on the side, where you can get extra arms or eyes or an entire extra dragon body, as one does. She's, uh, weirdly enthusiastic about horrifying body mods? Everyone needs a hobby!!

Shazz is perplexed by people constantly assuming that she's after their souls or has some kinda expertise about demons... A lot of the rumours seem to come from the fact that she reacts to most magic as if she were some kind of supernatural evil, but, haha, well, y'know, these evil-detecting spells are never foolproof!! And that's definitely why they're discouraged in the dorms, and not for any other reason.

She has friends and people she cares about, but she's sort of bad at expressing this, and would absolutely ditch you the second she thinks she's in actual danger. (She'd probably try to get help, y'know, from a distance. And send you a nice card afterwards, like "sorry I abandoned you to an ancient evil, hope you're feeling better." Very thoughtful). She has no real fighting skills at all and almost no talent for magic, despite her interest in magical theory. Her only power is Having Lots Of Money and she's very willing to throw money at her problems to make them go away.

Overall, Shazz just wants to run her various money-making schemes and stay out of trouble, and is willing to indulge in a LOT of denial to keep believing everything is fine and under control. Terrifying prophecies and the possibility of unravelling the entirety of Hope? That's nice, but there's been some weird stuff going on in your room and we need to talk about your security deposit.
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Re: Describe your TW Persona!

by Gloria » February 06, 2020 03:26 PM

HEHE!! I will take any chance I get to talk about my darling tw oc sonas!

Raspberry, (born as Roslyn but nobody calls her that anymore) is a cute teenage cyborg who has this strange aura of innocence that adds members to her ever growing family of friends. A Classic Shoujo Protagonist, shes ditzy and clumsy, but is pretty smart when it comes to mechanics.

Raspberry has no blood family alive, but her family of kith and abundance of father figures supply her with plenty of love and affection. A cute little sister type! She trips a lot, and often has many bandaids to cover her scrapes.

Her left leg is replaced with a biomech prosthetic, lost when she was a little girl. Her father was the one who first installed it, but has since passed, making Raspberry quite a skilled mechanic in order to keep up repairs.

She isn't afraid to express her love and affection for those around her. Raspberry likes to get into trouble though usually not intentionally. She is actually pretty selfish, but this is mostly shown in moments of naive possessiveness when it comes to family. An Evil Vers of her would probably be a yandere..

Raspberry is never seen without one of her many kith there to make sure she isn't harmed or gets herself into too much trouble, though the results may vary depending on the responsibility of the kith who is chaperoning.

And then there's The Fairy! A Thespian whose role is dedicated to granting wishes!

She was born at a shrine, but was chosen for her role when she was very young. After accompanying a protagonist for his Grand Quest, she returned home to find her family gone and her shrine abandoned.

She still lives there, granting wishes for thespians with lofty dreams, though her attitude has become much less agreeable.

She lies in her home in wait for a hero to accompany once again on a quest, that this time, might bring back her faith in relationships and family.
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Re: Describe your TW Persona!

by MagpieM » February 06, 2020 06:06 PM

Let's see!

There's the first "me" Miteby Jones (toyhouse) which is the student persona I first adopted when I joined the site. I still consider them to be my Hope student running around collecting most of the Kith and being involved in a lot of the events. They like science and are interested in learning more about the Tatters. Generally, if you see me going on about science and research and maybe a little over-eager to poke the Tatters in the forums, I am probably leaning into being this 'sona!

My Thespiansona is The Tech. His toyhouse page needs updating and fixing, lmao. Anyway. He's responsible for making sure the technical aspects of performances run smoothly and has an affinity for the lighting system. He wanders around with a clipboard a lot checking other people's work and writing irritable notes to people who aren't doing what they ought to. He does not (cannot?) talk and is just sort of a silent, grumpy figure in the wings and up in the rigging a lot, but he's not totally without a heart and will sometimes be sneakily, silently helpful. I don't do so much with him on the Forums. (He has been adopted by several Castwicks)

The current Me is...Me? TW!Magpie's background is a bit of mystery to me so far, which is why they don't have a toyhouse at all. They are not from around here, live in an art/tailoring shop that sometimes mysteriously disappears or isn't where you expected it to be, and they're a little bit off-kilter sometimes. They like art and creativity and spooky things and once organized a Halloweave contest! Other than that, they seem to stand to the side a little when it comes to the world of TTW, though they will be encouraging and curious about things. They made the Temporary Tatters items and refuse to disclose how they managed it......

And I also have Ember (toyhouse), who is an OC that was born out of a new look I was trying for my avatar and who escapes onto the Forums sometimes to talk very seriously about taking risks for what is important. Ember has a lot of strong feelings about robots and being true to yourself, even if that means reinventing yourself entirely. They would be very comfortable in the Solarium and I may someday do a proper Solsona version of them! (They have a Nibblug named "debug.")
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Re: Describe your TW Persona!

by Plasmafire » February 07, 2020 09:08 AM

Oh boy, a chance to talk about Plazzy!

Plazzy is a kith studies major studying to be a kith behavior consultant! She’s friendly and cheerful and goofy, even if she looks stoic on the outside, and loves having fun and messing with people. She’s chaotic and a caffeine addict, and has repeatedly ended up in the nurse’s office for caffeine overdose. She also falls in love super easily.

Fun facts about Plazzy!
- She uses time magic, but stopped for a long time due to an incident. Read: She unexisted someone. Unexisted. They don’t exist. They never have. Plazzy unexisted someone.
- Plazzy, up until recently, had really long hair. Then the Tatters ate it. The Tatters ATE Plazzy’s hair.
- Plazzy has a massive crush on Scribe.
- Kyprian is the only person to ever make Plazzy question her lesbianism.
- Plazzy has an awful sense of taste and basically just mixes whatever she can together. Her defining invention is “mosaic coffee”, a blend of every single kind of coffee she could get her hands on. It put her in the nurse’s office, and yet she still continues to drink it. (Sorry, Rue.)
- Plazzy wishes she had more human friends, but she always smells like kith and that tends to turn people away from her.
- Plazzy considers her best trait to be her max giftbombing skills.
- Her full name is Plazzy Mafire (a pun on my username).
- Plazzy is extremely oblivious to other students and staff members’ non-human traits. As far as she’s concerned, if it vaguely might resemble a human, it’s a human.
- Due to her initial alliance with her kith Mlem, Plazzy’s tongue is a permanent cyan color.

Here’s her toyhouse page for more information!

Thanks for making this thread, I love talking about Plazzy and her shenanigans!
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